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Creativity at its Finest

Everyone is inspired or energised by something. For me, it’s the landscape that preens and sighs in the ever-changing rhythms of light. Capturing those moments in time and sharing them is a continual joy that energises me.

I believe a person’s creative journey is truly reflective of their life. I hope my passion for creation and creativity gives you (and those around you) a glimpse into my journey with the One who designed the whole adventure.

Enjoy these images. Put them on your wall. Appreciate the moment.
There is great beauty in the world, if only we know where to look.




The Story

In primary school, I was convinced I’d never be involved in anything even remotely creative. It didn’t matter that I couldn’t put down my guitar, because I was shockingly bad at what I thought were the only creative outlets – drawing and painting. As I got older, I realised that in reality, I loved being creative (just don’t ask me to draw you a picture). So after a full 180 degree about-face from my pre-teen self, my love for photography, music, graphic and web design led me to create my own business – Jacob Shultz Creative. 

I am passionate about creativity being more than a business. I want nothing more to be able to share a part of who I am with you through photography and design.