Jacob Shultz

I am passionate about creativity being more than a business. I want nothing more to be able to share a part of who I am with you through my photography and design.

When you buy from Jacob Shultz Creative, you are not buying into a product that is mass-produced or lacking in character. You are buying into me, Jacob! You are buying into a product that has been produced directly from my own journey of creativity, locally in New South Wales, and prepared lovingly especially for you.

A persons creative journey is truly reflective of their life journey. I hope that through my creativity you and those around you can experience a window into my journey and the One in which the journey was created by.

Jacob Shultz





The Story

The Journey of Creativity

“A journey wouldn’t be a journey if the destination was known.” This quote was birthed in a moment of desperation, when the ‘journey’ seemed all but lost. It was in that moment that something deep inside spurred this thought: not knowing the next step in the journey was the journey itself.

Taken at face value, this doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. If a person is going from point A to point B, then linguistically it’s a journey regardless of whether point B is known or not. But if life could be considered a journey, then everything changes. The journey becomes a verb in the present tense; something that is living and active, that has the ability to change course and that is unique to every human being who has lived, is living and will live. If the destination was known, then the journey wouldn’t be living and active – it would simply be a series of dot points in a life-sized game of connect the dots.

This is true for creativity as well. In response to each persons life journey, their creativity becomes more and more unique. From the early years of childhood where being able to draw a face, an elephant or a mountain could be considered the pinnacle of creativity, to the formative teenage years and the pursuit of individuality and finally into adulthood where at times ‘creativity’ might seem lost in the chaos. Each stage is marked by creativity. Whether it be art, sport, numbers, teaching or learning, we have been created to create. It comes naturally and uniquely to all, and it is our responsibility to let our creativity benefit others.

Jacob Shultz Creative is an expression of this journey. Through the raw beauty of natural landscapes and the structured aesthetics of original design, the journey is captured in a way never seen before and never to be seen again.