Celebrating creativity with stunning wall art and unique illustrations, featuring the pristine Australian landscape.

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The ART Series, a joint collaboration between siblings Jacob & Emily Shultz, has taken iconic Newcastle landscapes and transformed them into beautiful, unique pieces of art. Printed on recycled paper, these earthy artworks can be enjoyed in a myriad of creative ways.

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Australian Framed Prints & artwork

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We believe in treading lightly and endeavouring to be sustainable in every area of life. We use sustainable and/or recyclable materials, sourced locally in Australia for both our products and our packaging.

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Share in the creative memories of an award-winning photographer and local artists.

Celebrating Creativity

For millennia, creative's have used their skills to understand, describe and critique the world around them. 

In my life, I am intrigued by the way that creativity in all its various forms brings life, colour and transformation to the world around me. 

I think that when we share in creativity, we share in a joint recognition that there are things that go on in the world every single day that are beautiful, unique, breathtaking and in some ways transformational. 

Jacob Shultz Creative is my own small way of contributing to the work of millions of creative pursuits this world has seen. Whether you purchase an artwork from this website or not, I hope that you will join me in celebrating creativity. I trust that as you do that, we will have shared in something genuinely beautiful together!

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The ART Series

The ART Series is a brand new collaboration between siblings Jacob and Emily Shultz. Iconic Newcastle landscapes have been transformed into unique, timeless illustrations. How will you use The ART Series?

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