Framed Prints

We partner with local Australian company Format Framing for the printing, framing and shipping of our prints. 

Lead time

PORTRAIT Series and LANDSCAPE Series Framed Prints generally have a one-week lead time. PANO Series Framed Prints generally have a two-week lead time. Shipping will then take a further 5-7 days. 

PLEASE NOTE: These times can vary depending on order backlog or external circumstances. Should a lead time go beyond three weeks, we will contact you to confirm the status of your order. 


  • Handmade timber shadowbox frame by Format Framing
  • Made from locally sourced Victorian Ash/Tasmanian Oak
  • White frames are painted white


  • 3mm Plexiglass
  • Museum-grade
  • Shatter proof


  • Fine Art Giclée print
  • 310gsm 100% Cotton-Rag
  • Dry-mounted to 5mm foam board

Sizing guide

SMALL (mm) MEDIUM (mm) LARGE (mm) X-LARGE (mm)
Print Frame Print Frame Print Frame Print Frame
PORTRAIT Series  200x300   230x330   400x600   430x630   600x900   638x938   800x1200   838x1238 
LANDSCAPE Series  300x200   330x230   600x400   630x430   900x600   938x638   1200x800   1238x838 
PANO Series  600x300   630x330   900x450   938x488   1200x600   1238x638 
ART Series  148x148mm (12mm white border) 


ART Series

Lead time

Artwork will be dispatched in 1-2 business days.


350gsm Recycled Eco Cardstock


148x148mm, 12mm white border


Shipping & Returns

Click here to see our dedicated Shipping & Returns page.


We believe in treading lightly and endeavouring to be sustainable in every area of life. We use sustainable and/or recyclable materials, sourced locally in Australia for both our products and our packaging.


We love working with other businesses! If you would like to enquire about stocking our products, or purchasing wholesale, please send us a message.

I still have a question

If you still have a question, we would love to help answer it. Message us, and we will reply within 1-3 business days.